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GoodTimes Skate
GoodTimes Skate

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Team filmage and update

yooo niggas whats good, ill tell ya whats good, GoodTimes is good haha! well this weekend some of the team members got togather for a badd ass film day. Saturday Brandon Amburn, Javi Perez, D.J Jackson, Ryan Clifton, Danile Thorton, and Mikey Wade crused up to fountain city for a little bit, got some pretty bangin clips there, then it got dark so we skated tyson for a good three hours! After the skate sesh me (Javi), D.J, Clifton, Mikey, Korea, and Cableb headed for the hotel Bigg Thank you to our boy clifton for paying the room off! It was a fun ass night, chillen with the homie, watching skate videos, skateboarding, and getting the munchies haha. So after our chill night we all woke up bright and early for another sick ass dope sesh, Me(javi), Clifton, D.j, Mikey, Korea, Caleb, Reid, and Corey smitthhhhhhhhh had a fun ass little warm up sesh before hittin the streets. The boys were killing the park of course, but nothing close to the mothhafucckkkin streeet, everyone straight up murderd the street spots today and we all went home with a little something to be proud of, even mikey worked up some energy after his slight accident on a sick trick the day before. Well im sure you skate punks dont wanna here me brag about out sick my day was and how lame yours was haha, but before i get off im gonna do a quick little update on the video. So far everyones part is lookin real, fresh, sick, dope, whatever the fuck you wanna say it looking pretty gnar! Eveveryone has some dope ass shit, and we are getting closer and closer for it to drop. wont be too much longer till everyone jaws drop, and ive already had a few kids preordered their copies, and im getting more emails out of state, so thats pretty sick, i will try and keep you guys updated as much as i can!
- GoodTimes bitches!

Here are some dope ass pics for today and last night, i dont wanna give too much away so ill leave you with these!

me and Mikey chillen at the hotel

his ass ate all the pizza

Clifton and his pancakes haah!

we niggas fo life


Peepins reids badd ass line

clifton ollie a huge ass gap!

Reid Evans Kickflip a massive ass stretch 7

Reid Evans treflip stick on the stretch 7

These pics aint close to what all happend but for now were gonna keep it on the down low!