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GoodTimes Skate
GoodTimes Skate

Thursday, December 23, 2010


What up niggs, i just wanted to come on here and give a biggg congrats to our boy Reid Evans for getting sponcered by the shop in Maryville. Reid were all proud of you homie, were proud to have you a part of this team, and were proud that you got sponcered, lets keep up the work buddy, and get as much clips as we can, as to the rest of you GoodTimes homies!!!! Stay Steezy yo!
-GoodTimes Skate.


Monday, November 15, 2010

It's GoodTimes in Tennessee

hey all you skateboarding punks lol well we are still trying to get as much footy as possible for the video, but some of the team members have been injured soo its gonna be a little delay on the dvd coming out, but not by much. Im trying to keep you guys as informed as i can, but you homies know now how it is. Well pretty much we have been filmin and ridin around in Knoxville, Maryville, Loudon, and Farragut, bringing home a little something each time. here are some pics of what you will be begging to see in the dvd. Well gentlemen, we have cam this far and were not giving up, so lets go have a GoodTime and get footy as well! p.s. We'll Skate for Change will be out as soon as possible, just hold tight, it wont be long from now.

Corey Smith Front Tail. Photo Cred To Javi Perez

Ryan Clifton- huge ollie. Photo creds to Chris Key

Jason Mallette- Pole jame (Friends Section Footy). Photo Creds to Javi Perez

Reid Evans - Ollie Getto Gap. Photo Creds To Javi Perez

Brandon Amburn - ollie over rail. Photo Creds to Joey Godsey

Brandon Amburn- Frist try attempt. Photo Creds To Joey Godsey

Brandon Second Try Attempt Photo Creds To Joey Godsey

Me and Ya dude Domanic- Be expecting to see him in the vid. Photo Creds to Joe Cakmas

Thats just a few pics for you homies to see for now comment and tell me what you think!. "dont leave gay comments cause ill just delete them"

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The final Promo! and Update on the dvd

Well all you skate rats, i kno you people have been waiting on the final promo for quite some time now, well its finally up, ive gotten a lot of positive feed back on the promo, we even have people out of state wanting to by the dvd! This post is also and update on the dvd, we are all still killing it and droping hammer, and getting that footayy, so far i have Justin Howey, Devan Westalls and the opining montage done. most peoples parts are either close to being done, or far away, so lets keep gettin that footy boys, and have a GoodTime in doing so!!!!
Here is The final, and last promo im putting out until the dvd is done, hope you enjoy.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Teaser V.3

Well we are still working hard and getting a shit load of footy in the process of doing so, and it is going great. The only problem is that Zach Tillet, Cole young, and Corey Zeblin did not get enough footy for the teaser but im going to make a video of those boys here soon. These boys have been killing it lately and they have turely shown me there detication to the team, filming, and skateboarding. The line up is Ryan Clifton, Justin Howey, Reid Evan, Mikey Wade, Chris Key, Ryan Gray, Michael Autry, Tylor Eubanks, Devan Westall, And Jake perry! These boys have really shown me that there not only a team but a family and im proud to call them all my friends Filmed By Javi Perez Editied By Javi Perez Edited with adobe primere pro, and adobe after effect. Filmed With a Canon GL 1 and a panisonic DVX! Aditional Filming Gose To Jake Perry, Chris Key, Patick Ramirez, And Josh Edmonds.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

dammnnnnn this is so sick

well soo far we are still killing it and getting some amazing clips, there are two new kids on the team were welcoming Michael Autry and Corey Zibelin. these boys have been dropping there hammers Michael with his sick Nollie heels and Corey with his beautiful hard flips. i made a little video of Michael and Jake perry, even though Jake's been on for a month he never got his proper welcome so peep the vid at the bottom of this post. Ive also have a video of my two really good friends Erik Philips, and Tom Hoebeke destroying Tyson 4 for MenaceXMoonshine. and i also threw togather a litte funny video. keep it up boys and keep have a GoodTime!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reid Throwing it down

Well like i have said before we have a new skater Reid Evans and boyyyyy has he been throwing it down and showing how skateboarding should be fun and exciting always waiting to get a new clip heres his little welcome video. hope you like it. (p.s The last clip was first try and we were getting kicked out so we didnt get the kickflip clean)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Deja Vu

Well a few weeks ago i let my buddy Reid Evans join the team and man has he been killing is. well we were chilling under the bridge and we found out that out board graphics look identical man we were utterly fooled because one is a Menace x Moonshine board AKA The Original graphic and the other was a Pluto board AKA The CopyCats haha the video explains it all!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Getting Some gnarly clips

OK last weekend Me, Mikey Wade, Chris Key, and Ryan Gray when to get some gnarly clips in down town Maryville here are some pics to show.
Ryan Gray- Kickflip ampa 5 block
Ryan Gray doing a sexy ass kickflip down ampa pic by Chris Key
Mikey Wade fs 180 ampa 5 block
Mikey Wade astro 180 down ampa ha
Ryan Gray Fs 180 ampa first try
Ryan Gray 180 ampa for warm up
fucking wore out
fuck skateboarding lol
Chris key Switch fs 180 train
Chris Key switch 180 train
Chris Key nollie thunder world five
Chris Key nollie thunder dick five in the poring snow
me and ryan peeping footy
me and Ryan peeping footy pic by Chris Key
And Ryan Gray ollie humongo 12
Ollie 12, Ryan Gray
Picture creds to Chris key and Javi Perez
were ganna keep on killing it and keep you all informed

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Blog

Ok well my last blog got deleted because i forgot the pasword so hopefull i will keep you guys in formed with the up dates.
this week we have got a new skater on the team, a young man by the name of Jake Perry. Jake has been getting some raww footy with me and our other filmer Josh Edmonds, plus we our re welcoming Chris Key, I haven't filmed with Chris for a while but these past couple of weeks he has been killing it and getting alot of amazing clips. im in the prosses of make Lil Chris and Jake a lil welcoming teaser but for now i will leave you guys with the Teaser V.2