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GoodTimes Skate
GoodTimes Skate

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Blog

Ok well my last blog got deleted because i forgot the pasword so hopefull i will keep you guys in formed with the up dates.
this week we have got a new skater on the team, a young man by the name of Jake Perry. Jake has been getting some raww footy with me and our other filmer Josh Edmonds, plus we our re welcoming Chris Key, I haven't filmed with Chris for a while but these past couple of weeks he has been killing it and getting alot of amazing clips. im in the prosses of make Lil Chris and Jake a lil welcoming teaser but for now i will leave you guys with the Teaser V.2

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  1. omg!!!!!! soooooooooooo sick!!!!! you guys are like the new caffiene skate