GoodTimes Skate

GoodTimes Skate
GoodTimes Skate

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Getting Some gnarly clips

OK last weekend Me, Mikey Wade, Chris Key, and Ryan Gray when to get some gnarly clips in down town Maryville here are some pics to show.
Ryan Gray- Kickflip ampa 5 block
Ryan Gray doing a sexy ass kickflip down ampa pic by Chris Key
Mikey Wade fs 180 ampa 5 block
Mikey Wade astro 180 down ampa ha
Ryan Gray Fs 180 ampa first try
Ryan Gray 180 ampa for warm up
fucking wore out
fuck skateboarding lol
Chris key Switch fs 180 train
Chris Key switch 180 train
Chris Key nollie thunder world five
Chris Key nollie thunder dick five in the poring snow
me and ryan peeping footy
me and Ryan peeping footy pic by Chris Key
And Ryan Gray ollie humongo 12
Ollie 12, Ryan Gray
Picture creds to Chris key and Javi Perez
were ganna keep on killing it and keep you all informed

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