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GoodTimes Skate
GoodTimes Skate

Monday, November 7, 2011

GoodTimes droppin Hammers In This Bitch

yoooo nigggahhs, Well we all had another sick ass weekend of skaten, chillen, and of course getting some bangers! Clifton, Zac, Reid, Corey, Korea, Deavan W., and Mikey all got some dope ass shit yo! Friday me (Javi) Mikey, Zac, Devan W., and Justin Howey all went out for a nice ass little skate sesh with each other after school and shit, little Jackson, Jonas Hoffman, and Gage also tagged along to see some shit go down for footy! Saturday was sorta shit day since everyone was working, but we made all that shit up Sunday! Me, Korea, Clifton, Reid, Zac, and Corey all met up around 10 in the morning, chilled and warmed up at tyson then right to the streets our asses went! Clifton did a suppper dope line at some bridge spot in the old city, and korea did possible the stupidest, but sickest shit ive seen in awhile on the bridge spot. after the bridge spot we went back to tyson to meet up with our boys Corey, Reid, and Zac, sadly clifton had to go start his shift a good ol Bojangles haha. well after clifton left we all decided to go hit up kingston pike and see if we couldnt find somethin sick to skate, after about 2 mins we found this sick little rail spot on kingston pike. Korea, Reid, Zac, and Corey just straight up killed it there, everyone went home with at least two or 3 clips. Since it started to get dark and the day was coming to an end we went back to tyson once again for another fun little sesh BTW Zac, and Reid did the sickest doubles their for footy! All and all is was a pretty sick week, we got some bangers, and inched our selves a little closer for the DVD to be out! Fun ass day boys, lets do this shit again next weekend!!! Peace all you hoodlum ass skate fanatic and remember to have yourselves some GoodTimes!
-GoodTimes Skate

ohh yeahh here are some pics from that rail spot, i dont wanna give too much away so ill leave you with these dope ass photos by Zac and Javi!

Reid Evans 50-50 some ghetto ass electrical box

Reid Evans 5-0 the ghetto ass electrical box

Reid setting up the planter

Reid nosebonk the planter

Corey Smith Doing an amazing blunt slide

same trick different angle

Korea sick ass krook

Zac Freeman - Front board to fakie

Reid Evans with an effortless over krook

hope you kids injoy the photos!
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Team filmage and update

yooo niggas whats good, ill tell ya whats good, GoodTimes is good haha! well this weekend some of the team members got togather for a badd ass film day. Saturday Brandon Amburn, Javi Perez, D.J Jackson, Ryan Clifton, Danile Thorton, and Mikey Wade crused up to fountain city for a little bit, got some pretty bangin clips there, then it got dark so we skated tyson for a good three hours! After the skate sesh me (Javi), D.J, Clifton, Mikey, Korea, and Cableb headed for the hotel Bigg Thank you to our boy clifton for paying the room off! It was a fun ass night, chillen with the homie, watching skate videos, skateboarding, and getting the munchies haha. So after our chill night we all woke up bright and early for another sick ass dope sesh, Me(javi), Clifton, D.j, Mikey, Korea, Caleb, Reid, and Corey smitthhhhhhhhh had a fun ass little warm up sesh before hittin the streets. The boys were killing the park of course, but nothing close to the mothhafucckkkin streeet, everyone straight up murderd the street spots today and we all went home with a little something to be proud of, even mikey worked up some energy after his slight accident on a sick trick the day before. Well im sure you skate punks dont wanna here me brag about out sick my day was and how lame yours was haha, but before i get off im gonna do a quick little update on the video. So far everyones part is lookin real, fresh, sick, dope, whatever the fuck you wanna say it looking pretty gnar! Eveveryone has some dope ass shit, and we are getting closer and closer for it to drop. wont be too much longer till everyone jaws drop, and ive already had a few kids preordered their copies, and im getting more emails out of state, so thats pretty sick, i will try and keep you guys updated as much as i can!
- GoodTimes bitches!

Here are some dope ass pics for today and last night, i dont wanna give too much away so ill leave you with these!

me and Mikey chillen at the hotel

his ass ate all the pizza

Clifton and his pancakes haah!

we niggas fo life


Peepins reids badd ass line

clifton ollie a huge ass gap!

Reid Evans Kickflip a massive ass stretch 7

Reid Evans treflip stick on the stretch 7

These pics aint close to what all happend but for now were gonna keep it on the down low!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Welcoming Zac Freeman and update

What up all my homies, just stopped in for a quick post. Well The "We'll Skate For Change!" DVD is still going great! So far everyones parts is looking sick as shit and it wont be to long till all of you will be pitching a tint in your pants over it. we have been working hard to get this shit done, so lets keep it up all you GoodTimes members!! Well we all have been filming a shit load, trying to get as much clips as we can for the DVD and we are still bustin our as! Asses over it. As the Rumor holds, yes we did add a new member to the GoodTimes Family, Zac Freeman has been dropping some mad shit with the GoodTimes Crew, so we thought why not put this nigga on the team!
Here is Zacs welcoming video, basically some mess around footy at tyson, and some hammers on the streets, didnt want to give away too much footy, but this video with do him justice! Welcome Home Freeman!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Team Member!!

Whats up skateboard rats, well as some of you may know, we have a new homie to add to the GoodTimes list, a young man by the Cory Caldwell! Cory wanted to get down with GoodTimes, so of course i couldnt pass up the offer! This kid has a fresh ass skaten style, his attitude is chill as fuck, hes a chill ass dude to hang out with, and hes always down to get footy! So im proud to introduce the newest member, Cory Caldwell to the team! Welcome home Cory! We will get some bad ass clips of corey for a welcoming video, till then hang tight homies. GoodTimes All Day!
Check out some pic and a video of corey killing tyson, this video was filmed and edited by Chad Collins!

Kickflip Tyson Slant

Hardflip Tyson Slant

Treflip Fountain City 4

Corys bad ass grip tape!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Having Fun

What up nukkkas, well the chat town trip was canceled until this Friday, so were pumped on that, just gonna be a couple of homies chillen, getting footy and eating WAFFLE HOUSE! Well since we didn't go last Saturday we decided to have a little fun and skate Knoxville on Saterday and Maryville on sunday just like the old days, plus i got to use the new lens some more! It was fucking gnar, we had Joey Godsey, Brandon Amburn, Wesley case, Jackson Goreczky, Ryan Clifton, Corey Smith, Mikey Wade, Sherman Conner Javi Perez, and Jason mallette was there for about 30 mins haha. It was "Illy Willy" as ol boy beaver would say. All in all it was a damn fun week. there are some pics at the bottom to show you what went down!

Saturday Sesh.

Little Mitch is a mad man!!!

After Daniel ate shit on a huge trick.

Sunday Sesh.

Brandon wasnt too happy on this one! Photo by Javi Perez

Chillen at waterfront, waiting for Mikey to do his line lol. Photo by joey Godsey

Corey and Brandon decided to go get coffee haha! Photo by joey Godsey

Everyone chillen in the parking lot. Photo by joey Godsey

Corey Doing a massive ollie down ampa- Photo by Jackson Goreczky

Mikey ollieing ampa, and me not knowing he was going haha. Photo by Joey Godsey

Brandon Kick Flip Ampa- Photo by Joey Godsey

Film strem photo by Javi Perez.

Fun Weekend Niglets, lets do it again soon!

oh yeah before i forget theres a video of my testing my new deathlens a week ago