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GoodTimes Skate
GoodTimes Skate

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Having Fun

What up nukkkas, well the chat town trip was canceled until this Friday, so were pumped on that, just gonna be a couple of homies chillen, getting footy and eating WAFFLE HOUSE! Well since we didn't go last Saturday we decided to have a little fun and skate Knoxville on Saterday and Maryville on sunday just like the old days, plus i got to use the new lens some more! It was fucking gnar, we had Joey Godsey, Brandon Amburn, Wesley case, Jackson Goreczky, Ryan Clifton, Corey Smith, Mikey Wade, Sherman Conner Javi Perez, and Jason mallette was there for about 30 mins haha. It was "Illy Willy" as ol boy beaver would say. All in all it was a damn fun week. there are some pics at the bottom to show you what went down!

Saturday Sesh.

Little Mitch is a mad man!!!

After Daniel ate shit on a huge trick.

Sunday Sesh.

Brandon wasnt too happy on this one! Photo by Javi Perez

Chillen at waterfront, waiting for Mikey to do his line lol. Photo by joey Godsey

Corey and Brandon decided to go get coffee haha! Photo by joey Godsey

Everyone chillen in the parking lot. Photo by joey Godsey

Corey Doing a massive ollie down ampa- Photo by Jackson Goreczky

Mikey ollieing ampa, and me not knowing he was going haha. Photo by Joey Godsey

Brandon Kick Flip Ampa- Photo by Joey Godsey

Film strem photo by Javi Perez.

Fun Weekend Niglets, lets do it again soon!

oh yeah before i forget theres a video of my testing my new deathlens a week ago

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