GoodTimes Skate

GoodTimes Skate
GoodTimes Skate

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Team Member!!

Whats up skateboard rats, well as some of you may know, we have a new homie to add to the GoodTimes list, a young man by the Cory Caldwell! Cory wanted to get down with GoodTimes, so of course i couldnt pass up the offer! This kid has a fresh ass skaten style, his attitude is chill as fuck, hes a chill ass dude to hang out with, and hes always down to get footy! So im proud to introduce the newest member, Cory Caldwell to the team! Welcome home Cory! We will get some bad ass clips of corey for a welcoming video, till then hang tight homies. GoodTimes All Day!
Check out some pic and a video of corey killing tyson, this video was filmed and edited by Chad Collins!

Kickflip Tyson Slant

Hardflip Tyson Slant

Treflip Fountain City 4

Corys bad ass grip tape!

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