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GoodTimes Skate
GoodTimes Skate

Monday, November 7, 2011

GoodTimes droppin Hammers In This Bitch

yoooo nigggahhs, Well we all had another sick ass weekend of skaten, chillen, and of course getting some bangers! Clifton, Zac, Reid, Corey, Korea, Deavan W., and Mikey all got some dope ass shit yo! Friday me (Javi) Mikey, Zac, Devan W., and Justin Howey all went out for a nice ass little skate sesh with each other after school and shit, little Jackson, Jonas Hoffman, and Gage also tagged along to see some shit go down for footy! Saturday was sorta shit day since everyone was working, but we made all that shit up Sunday! Me, Korea, Clifton, Reid, Zac, and Corey all met up around 10 in the morning, chilled and warmed up at tyson then right to the streets our asses went! Clifton did a suppper dope line at some bridge spot in the old city, and korea did possible the stupidest, but sickest shit ive seen in awhile on the bridge spot. after the bridge spot we went back to tyson to meet up with our boys Corey, Reid, and Zac, sadly clifton had to go start his shift a good ol Bojangles haha. well after clifton left we all decided to go hit up kingston pike and see if we couldnt find somethin sick to skate, after about 2 mins we found this sick little rail spot on kingston pike. Korea, Reid, Zac, and Corey just straight up killed it there, everyone went home with at least two or 3 clips. Since it started to get dark and the day was coming to an end we went back to tyson once again for another fun little sesh BTW Zac, and Reid did the sickest doubles their for footy! All and all is was a pretty sick week, we got some bangers, and inched our selves a little closer for the DVD to be out! Fun ass day boys, lets do this shit again next weekend!!! Peace all you hoodlum ass skate fanatic and remember to have yourselves some GoodTimes!
-GoodTimes Skate

ohh yeahh here are some pics from that rail spot, i dont wanna give too much away so ill leave you with these dope ass photos by Zac and Javi!

Reid Evans 50-50 some ghetto ass electrical box

Reid Evans 5-0 the ghetto ass electrical box

Reid setting up the planter

Reid nosebonk the planter

Corey Smith Doing an amazing blunt slide

same trick different angle

Korea sick ass krook

Zac Freeman - Front board to fakie

Reid Evans with an effortless over krook

hope you kids injoy the photos!
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